Soft Toilet Seats – are they more comfortable?

Soft toilet seat

Many people find that soft toilet seats offer a more comfortable experience than regular hard plastic seats. A padded seat can be an easy way to make using the bathroom a more pleasant experience.

Padded for comfort

The fact that most toilet seats are made from hard plastic leads to several problems:

  • The seat can be very cold in winter. Let’s face it, nobody likes having to sit on a freezing cold toilet seat!
  • The seat can leave your bottom and legs feeling numb, give you pins and needles, or restrict blood flow.
  • If you’re an older person or suffer from a disability, a hard seat can be particularly uncomfortable.

What can a soft toilet seat do for you?

A padded soft-touch toilet seat can be a revelation. When you stop to think about it, you realize that you can spend a lot of time on the toilet. Not necessarily pooping, but often reading magazines or looking at social media on your phone. For these reasons, comfort is a boon.

The toilet seat padding will help prevent your legs or bottom from going to sleep. Also, the soft cover will stay quite warm in winter and not freeze your nether regions when you sit down.

What are they made from?

Most of these cushioned toilet seats have a wooden or plastic core, surrounded by gel or foam and covered in soft-touch plastic or vinyl. This makes them comfy as well as being easy to clean. Although white is the most common color, you can find them in other colors if you prefer.

How are they installed?

Installation is generally very easy. For most models, the seat and lid are provided and simply swapped for your existing toilet seat. It’s a 5 minute job. Some models are designed with a quick release function to make it easy to clean them thoroughly.

What to look for

The most important thing is to check the size of the seat to make sure it’s compatible with your toilet. Some toilets are round, and others elongated in shape. To check which you have, measure the top of the toilet bowl from the very front to the center of the lid’s mounting holes at the back of the seat area. A round toilet will measure approximately 16.5″ (42cm), while an elongated toilet will be roughly 18.5″ (47cm).

Next, check that the toilet seat has good quality hinges. Some models come with a ‘soft-close’ function, which gently shuts the lid and prevents slamming. Check that the padding is sufficiently firm for your body weight.

How much do they cost?

A good quality soft toilet seat with an integrated lid will cost around 30-40$, a small price to pay for the additional comfort!

Soft toilet seats are off a more comfortable experience
Soft toilet seats offer a more comfortable experience
Soft toilet seats are easy to clean
Soft toilet seats are as easy to clean as their hard plastic counterparts
Padded toilet seats are easy to install
Padded toilet seats are easy to install