Smart Bidet – clever cleaning for your bathroom breaks

Smart bidet toilet

The ultimate upgrade for your bathroom, a smart bidet is the most luxurious option for your toilet. On this article we’ll find out what this kind of bidet can do and whether you should consider buying one.

What is a smart bidet?

All bidets exist for one main purpose: to provide a means of cleaning yourself after using the bathroom. Bidets in general clean you in a much more thorough and gentler way than using paper. They also save on toilet paper and thus lower your impact on the environment.

Smart bidets replace your existing toilet seat are the Rolls Royce of the bidet world, offering many more functions than other types. The features you can expect include:

  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Heated seat
  • Soft-close lid
  • Warm air, adjustable dryer
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Multiple nozzle positions for front and back cleaning to suit both women and men
  • Different wash/massage functions
  • A self-cleaning system for the bidet nozzles
  • Touch and/or remote control panel

You might be asking yourself if some of these are just marketing gimmicks, but while many may not be essential, they’re all great to have.

Are they hard to install?

In a word, no! The smart bidet replaces your existing toilet seat and will be packaged with everything you need to install it. Installing the bidet seat itself simply requires removing the 2 screws holding your existing seat on and replacing it with the bidet.

Some models require only 2 connections: one to the electricity supply and one to the cold water inlet of your toilet. With this type a reservoir of water is kept constantly warm ready for use. These models take about 15 minutes to install and are a very simply DIY job.

Other smart bidets may also require a connection to the hot water pipe on your sink and are therefore a little harder to install. The advantage of this type is that you have a non-stop warm water supply and don’t have to wait for it to heat up between uses.

How much do they cost?

All these features come at a price of course, and this type of bidet is more expensive than the toilet seat attachment type. You can expect to pay a minimum of around $225. Even so, they are great value for money for the features offered – and you’ll save a lot on toilet paper too!

Smart bidet
A smart bidet toilet seat