How is a Bidet used? – a Guide to using Different Bidets

How is a Bidet used?

Bidets are gaining popularity all over the world owing to their ability to help save the environment by reducing the use of toilet paper. Also, washing with water after using the toilet comes with hygiene benefits and is less harsh on your sensitive areas.

But if you have never used one before and are thinking of installing one in your bathroom, it could initially seem daunting trying to figure out how to use a bidet. Do not worry, they are not as complicated as they may look like, yes, even the electric ones with a lot of buttons!

Simply use this handy guide to answer the question, how is a bidet used, which is going on in your mind. Bidets are of different types and hence the usage of one may slightly differ from another. Read on to know more about how the most common types are used.

Standalone Bidet

A standalone bidet, being a separate unit, requires you to get up from the toilet after having used it. Make sure you have cleaned your posterior properly with toilet paper before you move on to the bidet. This ensures that no fecal matter or other bodily fluids are transferred on to the bidet, thus keeping it safe and hygienic.

To use the standalone bidet, position yourself in front of the water spray, and turn the knobs on. Depending on the type of bidet, you may find different knobs for washing the feminine parts and the posterior. Straddle your areas to be cleaned facing the spray and wash thoroughly.

Some standalone bidets may not have nozzles and simply fill the bidet washer with water. To use these, position yourself so that your dirty areas touch the surface of the water and use your hands to clean them.

If the bidet has temperature control options, make sure you turn on the cool spray first to avoid scalding. Once cleaned, you may use another toilet paper to dry yourself and flush it out in the toilet.

Built-in Bidet (Electric/Non-Electric)

Built-in bidets are the easiest to use as they do not require you to move away from the toilet to clean yourself. However, they come with a lot of advanced options either on a side-panel or on remote control, which may require some getting-used-to. Study the manual beforehand to understand the buttons.

When you wish to use it, simply press the relevant buttons or knobs to switch on the water jets that clean your posterior or the feminine parts. These could vary based on the model. You may find other buttons on the panel that control the water temperature. Use them to clean yourself comfortably.

Lastly, most of these bidets, especially the electric ones, have advanced features such as air dryer and deodorizer. Utilize these options so that you do not need another toilet paper to dry yourself.

Handheld Water Spray

Being a simple setup, water spray bidets are easy to use but they require the use of your hands. These are usually located close to the toilet so that they can be accessed by reaching out with your hands without leaving the toilet seat.

To use a handheld spray bidet, simply hold the spray head with your hands and position it in front of the area you wish to clean. Press the spray nozzle and feel the water jet coming out of it. The plus point of this kind of bidet is that you can move it around with your hands and access any area you want to clean without having to search for separate nozzles.

The water pressure can be manually adjusted by how long you press the nozzle head. Once done, replace the spray bidet to its base and wipe yourself dry with toilet paper.

Travel Bidet

A travel bidet, or a handheld portable bidet, needs a faucet to function. Before you sit on the toilet, make sure you fill the bottle with water from a nearby faucet. The bottle has a screw-on nozzle on top which needs to be placed back once the bottle is full.

With the bidet all set up, you can now use the toilet and then hold the bottle and squeeze it until it sprays water jets near the areas you wish to clean. As with handheld bidets, this one also provides you with the flexibility of moving it around until you find the perfect position.

Most of them are not equipped with temperature control and hence if the atmospheric temperature where you are traveling is too low, make sure you fill the bottle with warm water, to begin with.

Safe Practices

Bidets are easy to use once you familiarize yourself with their features. However, there are certain safe practices you must keep in mind while using any kind of bidet.

Firstly, whether or not your bidet has a drying option, it is best to use toilet paper afterward so that there is no unwarranted wet feeling later. Secondly, always check the temperature of the water to avoid scalding or freezing.

Thirdly, control the pressure of the water to prevent irritation on the skin (especially true for sensitive people), and finally, keep the bidet clean and free from fecal matter so that the next person can use it without hesitation.

Handheld Bidet Spray
Handheld Bidet Sprays are easy to use, and help you clean the toilet as well!
Bidet toilet spray
A bidet toilet spray in use
Bidet with adjustable nozzle
Bidet with adjustable, self-cleaning nozzle