Do you Need a Raised Toilet Seat?

Raised toilet seat

What is a raised toilet seat?

A raised toilet seat is a simple accessory which is designed to be placed on top of your existing toilet seat in order to increase its height.

Why should I use one?

They are usually used to provide additional comfort and assistance for people who may have difficulty sitting down or standing up from a standard toilet seat. This includes people with mobility issues, elderly individuals, or people recovering from surgery or injuries.

What options are available?

Raised toilet seats can be purchased in a variety of heights depending on your requirements and preferences. They can be made from rigid plastic or from a padded material. Many people find soft toilet seats more comfortable.

Some raised toilet seats are also equipped with armrests or handles on the sides to provide extra support and stability for users while transferring onto or off of the toilet seat. Others allow you to adjust the height to fit with your specific needs.

The majority of raised seats are very easy to install and do not require any major modifications to the existing toilet as they simply attach to the existing seat. However, some of those with extra handles or supports may require special installation.

Some of the more simple models designed to be moved about the house as required. Ones that are intended to attached permanently to a toilet usually have their own lid integrated into the design. All models are easy to wipe clean using standard cleaning products.

It’s important to choose a raised toilet seat that suits your specific needs and is compatible with the dimensions of your existing toilet, as standard toilets come in several sizes.

How much do they cost?

Prices start at around 20$ for a simple raised seat, and can go up to 200$ for seats with more specialist accessories. For a good quality seat suitable for the vast majority of people you can expect to pay around 50$.


Raised toilet seats can be a valuable aid in maintaining independence and safety for you if you have limited mobility or strength. They will allow you to use the bathroom facilities more comfortably and with reduced strain.

Toilet seat
Standard toilet seats can be uncomfortably low for some people
Raised toilet seat with handles
Some raised seats have handles to help you get on and off the toilet
Padded raised toilet seat
You may find a padded seat more comfortable to use