Do I need Toilet Paper if I have a Bidet?

Do I need toilet paper if I have a bidet

Whether you need to keep buying and using toilet paper if you have a bidet is a common question among people looking to buy a bidet. So, ‘do I need toilet paper if I have a bidet?’ – the answer largely depends on the type you buy. Not long ago there weren’t many options available, nowadays you’re spoiled for choice and there’s a bidet for every bathroom and budget.

Bidet types

Basic bidets, whether the built-in, over-the-rim, or handheld spray types, don’t offer any drying functions in their design. This means that you will probably want to use a few sheets of toilet paper to dry yourself off after using the bidet. You will however need to use far less paper than you would normally have to.

If you plan on investing in one of the more fancy smart bidets on the market, then you can expect to have a built-in drying function. This will mean you probably wont need toilet paper at all (although many people will have a roll or two on hand, just in case..). This is obviously more hygienic, as well as being more gentle on your butt.

Toilet paper usage

Cutting down or eliminating your usage of toilet paper has many advantages, both for you and the world at large. If you tend to use baby wipes or something similar instead of toilet paper, then it’s even more important. Wet wipes are more expensive and biodegrade less easily. Using less toilet paper or wipes will help in many ways:

  • Reduce your costs – Americans spend around $6 billion a year on toilet paper. You may not realize how much you can save in a year by not buying so much, but the savings can certainly mount up.
  • Help the environment – toilet paper production is not good for the environment and any way you can help in reducing your usage is beneficial to the planet. Apart from trees, huge amounts of water, bleach and energy are are needed to produce toilet paper.
  • Better for your body – it’s obvious that bidets clean you more thoroughly than just using toilet paper. Another advantage of reducing or eliminating the need to use toilet paper is that it it much gentler on your bum. Toilet paper can be abrasive, and only having to use a sheet or two to pat yourself dry, is a lot better than having to wipe repeatedly. This makes for less irritation and is especially helpful if you are sore in that area or have hemorrhoids. Alternatively, installing a bidet with a dryer can mean you never have to buy toilet paper again.


Do I need toilet paper if I have a bidet? You will probably still have to use some toilet paper if you have a bidet, but your usage will be dramatically reduced. This will help save you some money and reduce the burden on the environment caused by its production.

Do I need Toilet Paper if I have a Bidet?
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