Dalmo Bidet Toilet Attachment Review

The Dalmo Bidet Toilet Attachment DDB01S2 is a popular example of a manual bidet which can be fitted to an existing toilet seat. Like all bidets, it’s designed to clean you after using the bathroom, more efficiently and hygienically than using toilet paper. Also, you’ll be using much less toilet paper, so there are some cost-saving en environmental benefits to be had.

In this review we’ll get to the bottom (pun intended) of this bidet attachment and see if it’s worth your money.

Dalmo Bidet Features

This toilet attachment is fully manual, and requires no electricity – just a connection to your toilet’s water supply. It’s a slim design and is made from ABS plastic. The control pad sticks out about 6″ from the side of the toilet seat. It has the following features:

  • Adjustable water pressure controlled by a knob located by the side of the toilet seat
  • A second knob controls the sprayer system. It has 2 modes of operation (rear, for men and women), and a mode specially designed for women
  • A self-cleaning nozzle which retracts when not in use

Installation Kit

The bidet is supplied as a kit with everything you need to install it – which isn’t much; this is a simple device. Even the DIY-challenged should find it easy to install. This is what’s in the kit:

  • The Dalmo bidet attachment
  • A braided metal hose and t-valve to connect it to the toilet’s water supply
  • 2 Anti-slip rings
  • 3 Anti-slip bumpers
  • User manual

What we like

  • Quality is good and the device feels sturdy
  • There’s a good range of pressure adjustments
  • The hose and t-valve are both metal, not plastic like some bidet attachments
  • Installation was easy and took us only 15 minutes**
  • This is a fully manual option so you don’t need to worry about an electrical connection like you would with a smart bidet
  • The supplied bumpers keep the toilet seat nice and level and are necessary because the attachment raises the seat slightly at the back

** It would probably have taken 10 minutes or so, but we forgot to put the washer into the top of the t-valve. This was entirely our fault as the instructions clearly warn you not to forget this. It’s also a good idea to put some PTFE tape on the valve threads before attaching the hose. This will ensure a good leak-free seal.

What could be better

It would be nice if you could adjust the angle of the nozzles. Unfortunately, they are fixed at around 45º for the back spray and 60º for the front (feminine) spray, with no ability to change them.

Some people may not like the gap between the toilet bowl and the lid created by installing the bidet. However, this is common with all bidet attachments of this type, and is honestly not a big deal.


That wraps up this Dalmo bidet toilet attachment review. It is a relatively simple device which performs its job perfectly. Its simplicity is one of its strengths, as it makes it easy to install and is very economical to buy, including for several toilets.